Stress-Free Styling Tips for Parents and Their Little Ones

Stress-Free Styling Tips for Parents and Their Little Ones

Tear-Free Hair Care

Hairstyles have historically been an important expression of personal style in Black culture.  Black hair is often tightly coiled and curly, which traditionally makes styling a traumatic or stressful event for black parents and their children.  Sadly, black individuals have not always felt they could embrace their hair textures, curls, and natural styles likely due to a lack of representation in mainstream media, exclusion from traditional marketing campaigns, and grooming standards in the professional arena. Disproportionally, this affects the Black culture.  It is important to understand the message that these kinds of decisions send about how black children fit into society.  Therefore, it is imperative to find stress-free styling techniques that promote confidence and self-expression.  We have a few tips to help you style so your little ones can smile!

  • Customization.  Black hair and its routine is not a not one size fits all.  There are ten distinct hair types, each with their own care needs.  Identify your child’s texture, and understand the specific needs of their texture.
  • Consistency. Once hair type has been determined, it’s time to develop a care regimen.  It is important to establish a consistent haircare routine to maintain healthy hair.  At a minimum, a black hair routine should include washing, conditioning, steaming, and moisturizing.  Try these amazing products in your routine:

  • Shampoo Mat Deluxe: Stress affects everything, including our hair, even in kids. Expecting a washday filled with tears and ouchies can be stressful for children and parents alike. Take the stress out of it by embracing the Shampoo Mat designed to make families Love Wash Day and create a New Generation of HAPPY memories around it.  Find the product here


  • Shampoo - Melanin Black Soap - cleanses the hair well and doesn't leave it feeling stripped. When Shampooing hair, apply shampoo to the roots of hair and work it through to the ends of the hair. Be sure to shampoo your hair twice during each washday. Find the product here
  • Deep Conditioner: Reagan Sanai Deep Conditioner - it leave the hair feeling soft and moisturized. When applying a conditioner, it's most important to apply to the ends of the hair first. This hair is the oldest and needs the most TLC! To get the best results from a deep conditioner, use it with a steamer or heat cap. Find the product here
    Dream Steamer: This is the magic pill; carving out time for wash day and taking time to steam with every step is crucial to moisture retention, growth retention, and shine. Find the product here

    1. Coordination.  Involving your child in the process of caring for and styling their hair can provide a huge boost of confidence and self-worth. As you learn and develop a routine to care for your child’s hair, you should ask about what their experiences have been and what their hair preferences are.
    2. Creating.  Having a plan for your child’s hair can eliminate stress on both sides.  Create a plan for when you will wash, what style you will do, and how you will maintain that style.  Simplify the process by planning, prepping hair at night, and incorporating quick styles in the morning routine.  


    What does your hairstyle say about you?  Hair allows us to express our personality, making it an essential aspect of our self-identity. Whether it's through color, style, or length, our hair choices are an extension of our unique selves.  Hair accessories can add flair and personality to hairstyles.  Here are some creative ideas for accessorizing hair:


    You made it through another school year of PTA duties, awards ceremonies, and field days.  Way to go Mom!  Now, you're faced with the age old dilemma of finding things to keep kids entertained over the summer.  We have a few tips for the little ones to help mom’s out this summer.

    • Did you know that World Bicycle Day is June 3?  This day promotes the benefits of cycling such as increased cardiovascular fitness.  This is the perfect day to take a bike ride with your little one, just be sure to follow the bike safety tips provided by SafeKids or KidsHealth.
    • Another day to observe is National Best Friends Day on June 8.  Let’s be honest, kids are actually our “little broke best friends” so take some time and hangout with them on this day.  You can catch a new movie, introduce some of your childhood games to your little one, or work on a special project around the house.
    • You can also encourage creativity and have kids create a Summer Bucket List.  Having a list of fun activities to choose from helps keep kids’ minds sharp and creative!  

    June is National Cancer Survivor month, which recognizes cancer survivors, raises awareness of the challenges they face, and advocates for cancer survivorship research.

    Here are some tips for caregivers:

    • Ask for help: Many caregivers feel like they took on too much, and should consider asking friends and family for help. Some tasks that caregivers can share include childcare, errands, cooking, cleaning, yard work, and driving.
    • Be proactive: Make a list of tasks, and stay organized. Know your limitations, and accept help.
    • Stay positive: Try to remind your loved one that you care, and accept their bad days.
    • Take care of yourself: Don't ignore your own health and wellness, and try to find ways to relax. Some examples include physical exercise, meditation, listening to music, or reading.
    • Take notes during appointments: Patients' memories can be foggy during and after treatment, and the amount of information they receive can be overwhelming.

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