Happy Birthday ShampooTime!

Happy Birthday ShampooTime!

Happy Birthday ShampooTime!

WoW!  We can’t believe that it has been four whole years since we launched ShampooTime, and we’ve loved every minute of it.  The number 4 symbolizes completion and emphasizes the importance of collaboration, unity, practicality, and hard work - which are very goals that we’ve achieved over the past four years.  We’ve collaborated with parents globally to offer tear free wash days.  We have united with celebrities who have tried our products and gave excellent reviews.  We’ve created a very practical solution to a widespread problem; and we have worked hard to launch and expand.  We will continue to strive for excellence as we move toward our 5th anniversary.

People all over the world use balloons for celebrations.  Regardless of the occasion, balloons add that extra energy to any celebration.  Are you celebrating on a budget or have limited time to prepare?  Check out these time-saving budget-friendly balloon ideas that will take your celebration to the next level!

Ceiling Balloons can instantly transform any space into an inviting party atmosphere.  Follow these simple steps to elevate your celebration with ceiling balloons.

  1. Choose the desired number, shape, and color of balloons.
  2. Blow up each balloon, helium is not required.
  3. Add string or curling ribbon to each balloon if desired.  You can also add photos, trinkets, or even money to the balloon strings to customize the look.
  4. Simply pop a few adhesive tabs to the top of each balloon and gently press onto the ceiling until it's secure.

Balloon Garlands create a decorative focal point and an extraordinary backdrop to capture party pics.  Follow these easy steps to capture your celebration with a balloon garland.

  1. Grab balloon tape from your local party store.
  2. Gather the desired number, shape, and color of balloons.
  3. Blow up each balloon, helium is not required.
  4. Cut a strip of the tape to your desired garland length 
  5. Starting at one end, thread the tied openings of the balloons through the small holes in the tape, alternating colors and sizes of balloons as preferred.
  6. Tie string to each end of the garland.  For longer garland, you may need to tie string to the middle for support.
  7. Use the string to hand the balloon garland in the desired location.


Tassel Balloons add a touch of fun and playfulness to any event. Follow these quick steps to celebrate with tassel balloons.

  1. Using tissue paper, slice fringes horizontally leaving about 1” at the top.
  2. Repeat with the desired colors and number of sheets of tissue paper.
  3. Layer your cut pieces to your preferred design and length.  Make sure that all fringe is facing the same direction
  4. Staple the tissue papers together using the top of your uncut fringe.
  5. Attach the fringe to your inflated balloon using string or ribbon.
  6. Fluff your fringe to the desired look.


Parties are always a blast!  However, there are fun and creative ways to celebrate without a party.  You might be surprised at how good it feels to help celebrate a special day or an accomplishment without throwing a party!  With these celebration ideas you can be sure that the celebrants feel special and loved.  These ideas will work for all ages, whether for kids or the kids at heart:

  • Create a Spa moment
  • Whether young, old, or older, everyone loves to be pampered!  You can plan a day at the spa or set up a spa day at home.

  • Schedule a Photo Shoot
  • What better way to create memories than to have them preserved as pictures?  From the location to the outfit, a photo shoot can capture any celebration.

  • Have a "Yes" Day
  • Nothing feels better than hearing the word YES!  Set a designated time frame to say YES to every request.  It's a super fun way to make a special day even more memorable.

  • Pay it Forward
  • There is nothing better than sharing your good fortune with others.  Another unique way to celebrate is to volunteer, give, or lend a helping hand to others who are in need.

  • Start a new Tradition
  • It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you celebrate!  Think of something that your loved ones will enjoy and make it a regular occurance.  Pass these traditions down for generations to come.

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