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Does your child hate when it’s time for you to shampoo their hair?  Are you having trouble getting your child to sit still because they’re terrified of getting shampoo or water in their eyes? Do your knees, back, and arms hurt while struggling to shampoo your child’s hair in the bathtub? If you answered yes once, you came to the right place!


Introducing ShampooTime, the shampoo mat solution that reinvents your wash day experience, by turning any kitchen sink into a comfortable shampoo bowl.  Unlike other products, this shampoo mat supports your child’s neck, back and doesn’t confine their head to a small space. Instead, this mat allows your child’s head to move freely, and is designed to ensure the water rolls back into the sink to avoid getting shampoo and water in their face, eyes and ears. But the best part about it, simply attach your smart device to the entertainment bar, turn on your child’s favorite show, and shampoo their hair in peace. Say goodbye to tears, complaining, backaches, achy knees, and say hello to happiness and peace. 


If washday is a nightmare for you and your child, it’s time for you take charge; transform your wash days from a nightmare into a dream. It’s time for clean hair, without the battle.  Make your purchase now.  No more tears, stress free wash days are on the way.

turn your wash day woes into a stress-free day

for mommy and child

Your little one will love the shampoo mat!!



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