Finally! No more threading beads one by one. With the BeadBox, insert the bead wand and pull it out fully threaded. 

BeadBoxes come preloaded with the beads in different colors and color combinations.

Once you're done, either keep the box or recycle and purchase another one.


*When will Pre-orders ship? Pre-orders that were purchased in April/May have shipped. We estimate the remaining Pre-orders will ship towards the end of JULY

Frequently Asked Questions

* Do I buy the beads and put them in the box? No! The BeadBox comes preloaded with 160 beads. 

*Does the BeadBox come with the wand (threader)? No, wands are purchased separately.

* What do I do with Box when all the beads are gone? You can keep it to store the beads in when you remove them from the hair or recycle it. 

*Will there be other colors available? Yes, please let us know what colors and color combinations you want!

*When will Pre-orders ship? We estimate Pre-orders will ship towards the end of JULY

*When will the BeadBoxes be in stock? 8.1.2024