Are You Using your Shampoo Mat Correctly

Are You Using your Shampoo Mat Correctly

Three Tips to make sure you're using your mat correctly!

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Using our shampoo mat correctly is key to getting the most out of it. 

1) Make sure the mat isn't too far away or too far over the sink. If you're getting a lot of water on the counter, your mat may be too faraway from the sink. 

2) U-SHAPED HEAD INDENT - make sure your mat is on the correct side. You should feel a U shaped indent where the BACK of the head will lay. If your child says their neck hurts, move them down towards the bottom on the mat. 

Their head should be resting on the mat. 

3) Entertainment Bar - The entertainment bar should be directly over the front of the shampoo mat. The smart device should be angled down. 

If you're getting a lot of water on the back of your child's shirt, the problem is with how you're using the water sprayer. You should always be spraying the water back into the sink, not towards the child. 


  • Just got my shampoo mat and I can’t wait to use it. The assembly of the railing was super simple, you just snap them into place and your done! Ready to use.
    Now when wash day comes, I won’t have to struggle to get my little one to stay still.

    Jami on

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